About me

About me

As a product designer, I find joy in crafting digital experiences and developing systematic approaches. For me, meaningful work is rooted in a strategic foundation, beginning with conceptualization and culminating in execution.

My role encompasses grasping user needs, designing for behaviors conducive to success, and partnering with engineers to construct scalable systems that empower users and drive product expansion.

Driven by curiosity, I often pondered: could I evoke similar reactions in people through my creations?

Leveraging my multidisciplinary design expertise, I endeavor to craft solutions that transform mundane experiences into extraordinary ones.

Brand design

Creative direction

Interface & product design

Visual identity


Screen graphics

Print &
publication design

Guidelines & design systems

Belmiro Pereira

Product Designer & Brand Designer.

University Rafael Belloso Chacin

Bachelor in Graphic Design

2000 - 2005


Quebec, Canada